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Grounding Cables
Resistance Is Futile! >>

Keep them quiet! >>

Underbody Glow Kits
Glow for It! >>

Blow Your Mind! >>

Stand-Alone EMS
Manage your assets >>

Catback Exhausts
Blow it out y'r pipe! >>

Underdrive Pulleys
Over-rated perf >>

Performance Headers
An exhaustive idea >>

Air Intake Systems
Cold air, hot ride >>

Body Kits
Want a new body? >>

Drop some inches! >>

In danger??? >>

Where to find it! >>

213 Stovel Ave W
Box 3005
Melfort, SK S0E 1A0
About US
and what we believe

Core Values

SHOWnGOplus is a company focused on the automotive industry and the customers it serves. The Customer is always first in our minds. Your happiness is the key to our success. We must strive to discover his wants and needs and exceed his expectations by creating products that enhance your automobiles bling, usefulness or fun.

Employees are the source of our strength. We are a team that accepts only the highest in quality, integrity, and performance. We must treat each other with dignity and respect, and encourage individual development.

Profit is the measure of our success. It is the tool which makes our values and objectives possible. We must constantly control cost in order to maximize the return for all.

We've serviced customers around the world, and we're keenly aware of what they need and expect. We sell you products that we ourselves (car nutz) want on our cars as well. At SHOWnGOplus, we're committed to meeting those needs with superb service, instant availability, rapid distribution, training, and, above all, genuine customer concern.

Feel free to email us with any questions you have, as well as ideas or products you would like to see from us!

Also contact us if something isn't explained clearly enough on this site or in the documentation.

Thanks for shopping,

Build it Bigger, Better, Faster

Don't see the part or accessory you're looking for?
Call us at 306.752.3025 and we'll get it for you.

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